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Liam Gallagher to Join The Proclaimers Following Oasis Split

In Music on August 30, 2009 at 21:03

In a move which has surprised some in the music industry, it has been announced that Liam Gallagher will be joining The Proclaimers.  Gallagher, whose trademark snarling vocals were, as of Friday night, unattached to any band, following the departure from Oasis of his brother Noel, met Glasgow pair Charlie and Craig Reid on Saturday

"When you goooo will you send baaack...a letter frooom America..."

"When you goooo will you send baaack...a letter frooom America..."

afternoon for tea and cakes to thrash out the terms of a new working arrangement.

The Proclaimers rose to prominence in the late 1980s, with their unique brand of heart-warming, sing-a-long Scottish pop-folk – a successful formula, but one it seems that they are looking to take a radical departure from.

A spokesperson for the band said:

“Charlie and Craig have always had the sort of image as young guys you’d like to bring home to meet your grandmother, in a nice knitted pullover.  They’ve been looking for a new direction for some time now, and they think that Liam could be just the man to provide it for them.

“He can overhaul their existing ritual of a short walk, some Horlicks and an early night, in favour of a more sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll attitude.  Plus, they are really looking forward to hearing his versions of Letter From America and I’m Gonna Be.”

A spokesperson for Noel Gallagher was unavailable to comment, possibly because he thought it was a wind-up.


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