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McDonald’s Loses Eight-Year Legal Battle, is Openly Laughed at by Tiny Restaurant

In World News on September 8, 2009 at 17:12
Categorically NOT something you would find at your local branch of McCurry's

Categorically NOT something you would find at your local branch of McCurry's

McDonald’s has lost an eight-year legal dispute with a Malaysian curry restaurant by the name of McCurry’s for infringement of copyright, leaving the small restaurant free to expand its operations into other areas of the lucrative fast-food naming exploitation area.  The case lasted eight years, and took three separate verdicts before it was finally resolved in favour of the McCurry’s restaurant today.

McCurry’s owner P. Suppiah told press outside the Federal Court: “Let’s be honest here.  We only did this for a bit of a laugh, and to actually win the case shows how much of an absolute farce the American legal system is.  But hell, when the sun is shining, we’ll make hay, so let’s see how far we can push this thing.”

As a result of the court ruling, McCurry’s have announced a brand new menu, including a Big Mac (Curry) Meal, a Quarter Pounder (Curry) Meal with Fries and, most unusually, a Hot Bramley Apple (Curry) Pie.  Furthermore, all of their marketing activity will be undertaken by a loveable clown figure, known as Ronald McCurry, as well as a more villainous pantomime figure called the Naanburglar.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Are they taking the p*ss?  I mean, seriously??”

Rumours abound that McCurry’s are poised to pounce on the publicity caused by their success in the courtroom by expanding and diversifying into other areas within the fast-food chain.  Suppiah reacted angrily when it was suggested that plans for new, McCurry’s owned branches of KFC and BK were simply further evidence of their tendency to whimsically infringe copyright:

“These are outrageous slurs.  KFC stands for ‘Kuala- Lumpur Fried Curry’, while BK will specialise in a noodle delicacy from one of our most popular regions…hence its name, Bar-Mian Kudat.’

Lawyers representing KFC and Burger King are said to have injured themselves in the ensuing scramble to sue Suppiah and his two-bit, shoddy operation.


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