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Jordan Sparks Bidding War Over Divorce Pictures

In Media, News on September 11, 2009 at 14:03

Katie Price has sparked a furious bidding war among high-profile gossip magazines, desperate to secure exclusive rights to photos of her next divorce.

It has been reported that the talented model/singer/motivational speaker will wed cage fighter Alex Reid in November, after a whirlwind romance. The wedding ceremony is expected to be low key, compared to her 2005 marriage to Peter Andre, but the divorce, rumoured to be planned for April next year, will be a different matter altogether.

Katie and Alex take time out from busily making their divorce plans to go for a jog

Katie and Alex take time out from busily making their divorce plans to go for a jog

“There’s going to be a real carnival atmosphere,” one source, close to Price at the time of writing, said. “Katie’s already regretting how quick the divorce to Pete was — the next one will be a really drawn-out affair.” Our source told us that Price and Reid plan to hold divorce proceedings in a specially-designed courtroom, with seating for several hundred ‘guests’, and that the couple intend to call celebrity witnesses to testify that they are no longer able to co-exist.

These are expected to include Sir Elton John, who will include, as part of his testimony, a specially rendered version of The Bitch is Back, as well as Gordon Ramsey, Phil Collins, Ronnie Corbett and whoever did well in this year’s X-Factor.

Shirley Ramsey, Chief Celebrity Divorce Correspondent at Hello said, “The important thing to remember is not why these people have fallen out of love, and are deciding to break the matrimonial bond – but where they do it, what they are wearing and who turns up.  It’s the social event of 2010, and one we’ve already marked into our calendars.”

Price has denied accusations that she is marrying Reid purely to spite her ex-husband, whom she divorced on 8 September, and other accusations that she is once again p***ing all over the institution of marriage in order to further her career.

  1. This shit is great. What a funny story, and site! jenn, the polaroid artist 🙂

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