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Harris Tweed Creative Director ‘De-Scottishifies’ Firm, Calls All Scottish People ‘Stupid’

In News on September 14, 2009 at 21:59

The boss of a Harris Tweed manufacturer has denied that the firm is in the process of “de-Scottishifying” due  to the US backlash over the release of the Lockerbie bomber, but has made an extraordinary statement, in which he claims that Scottish people generally “look ridiculous” and that they “do stupid things”.  There was outrage in the US when the Scottish Government allowed Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to return to Libya recently, leading to many experts wondering if it would lead to a consumer revolt against all things Scottish in the marketplace.

When Harris Tweed Hebrides’ creative director Mark Hogarth was quoted in newspapers recntly as saying the company was no longer promoting itself as Scottish, questions were asked as to whether the departure with tradition was a direct consequence of the Lockerbie bomber’s release.

Tartan: rubbish

Tartan: 'rubbish'

However, The Daily Telegraph’s Fashion Correspondent, Cuthbert Berrington claims that Hogarth has altogether different motives: “Hogarth has always been radically opposed to the way Scottish people dress – and, come to think of it, Scottish tradition in general.  He’s never had any time for any sort of tartan, he hates haggis, and always makes a point of shouting at any man wearing a kilt and saying, ‘Oi! mate! You’re wearing a dress!'”

In retrospect, given his extraordinary hatred of all things Scottish many observers have commented that, in some ways Hogarth was a poor  choice for the position of Harris Tweed Hebrides’ creative director – an argument that is only strengthened by his  new Autumn collection, consisting of Hawaiian beachwear and transparent knit-wear.

Speaking at the launch, a visibly angry Hogarth said: “It’s about time we got Harris Tweed away from this notion of Scottishness.  All Scottish people look ridiculous anyway, with the funny skirts, and bobbly hats, and strange-looking ginger children.  What good are they?  They all do stupid things like throwing logs around and eating haggis,” he thundered, with a scornful face, before putting on a silly, mocking dance and concluding in a shrill voice,  “Oh look at me, I’m Scottish!”

Meanwhile, Harris Tweed Hebrides chairman Brian Wilson is said to have been busy readying his big red pen, clearly labelled  ‘For Sackings’ and drawing up a very big, ominous-looking pile of paperwork.


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