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Kanye West Interrupts Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Ceremony, Calls it ‘Unfair’

In Entertainment, Music, News on September 16, 2009 at 18:15

Rapper Kanye West has found himself at the centre of even more controversy after he interrupted a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Medal ceremony to complain about the merit of one of the awards. It is the latest incident in a troubled week for West, 32, which has seen him criticised for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, called a “Jackass” by President Obama and break down live on national television in the US.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Ceremony, held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was meant to be a celebration of the achievements of a group of young people aged between 14 and 24, all of whom had gained either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award in the scheme through set levels of achievement.

"Volunteering?!!?  Don't talk to me about no volunteering!"

"Volunteering?!!? Don't talk to me about no volunteering!"

However, the mood of the ceremony soon turned sour when West, in Belfast visiting friends, chanced upon the occasion and stormed the stage, shouting:

“A Gold D of E Scheme medal for young Paddy O’Brien here? I mean, sure, he did some volunteering. But how can you say that he deserves this when Sheila Murphy only got a silver, man?!? She kayaked her little ASS off!  It’s unfair!” before throwing down the microphone and storming off the stage.

Betty O’Brien, the 48 year-old, mother of Paddy O’Brien, 16, seemed crestfallen after the ceremony but still managed a few words: “Poor Paddy has worked all summer long doing volunteer work down at the shelter to get his Gold medal.  He couldn’t sleep last night he was so excited about the ceremony – and now, just as so many other before him, Kanye West has cruelly snatched the dream out of his hands.  Can’t we just ban him from all awards ceremonies or put a steel clamp over his mouth or something?”

Speaking afterwards, a clearly emotional West would only comment: “I’m not saying this to make excuses for what I did…but I had a dream of what the D of E awards would be, and it just turned out to be something completely different. Also, I think that Beyonce should have won something.”


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