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Blair and Jay-Z ‘in talks’ over collaborative political rap/rock crossover album

In Music, Politics on October 15, 2009 at 09:17
Blair: laying down some phat rhymes

Blair: laying down some phat rhymes

Former British PM and EU President-in-waiting Tony Blair has today confirmed ‘his people’ are in talks with hip-hop supremo Jay-Z about a ground-breaking collaboration album. A spokesperson said: “I can confirm that Tony Blair’s people are in talks with hip-hop supremo Jay-Z about a ground-breaking collaboration album.”

However, a tweet from the user account ‘MC TB’ yesterday read: “about to sign with jigger for the biggest album of the decade. Gonna blow up y’all”. Geoff Hoon retweeted the message immediately, focussing suspicion on his ex-boss.

Sources close to the deal have revealed that Blair is likely to style himself as MC TB, with his lyrics rumoured to cover issues as diverse as misogynistic rap-posturing, food labelling policy and the financial crisis, reserving particularly vitriolic verses for almost-complete track ‘Bang Bang Batties’, where he rounds on the ‘haters’ who opposed the Iraq war.

One song in progress which this journalist has had access to is a snarling, bouncy track which mocks the fiscal policy of his erstwhile colleague, Gordon Brown.  Apparently the content of the song is a point of fierce discussion between Blair and Jay-Z; the latter is a long-time supporter of Brown and is rumoured to have had a background role in the planning of the bank bailout plan last year.

The disagreement surrounds a line in the song which runs, “I promised you the job, then dumped you in the shizzle. Now even The Sun hates you and I’m smoking blunts with Lethal Bizzle.”

The music industry has given the news a mixed response. An insider at a major label said: “it sounds a complete joke, but when you hear some of the underground stuff that MC TB has done, it’s like ‘Wow, this guy can really rhyme’. He’s been going to rap battles with a big ‘tache and glasses, and nobody had a clue who he was. If they can put it together and resolve their differences, this could be massive.”

In one online recording, an artist claiming to be MC TB raps “I used be a suit, now I just ride around an’ shoot….dudes wanna be me, Women wanna blow me – but I just wanna chill with Cherie and our homies.”


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