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Jim Davidson ‘determined’ to win back title as Britain’s most politically incorrect man

In Entertainment, News, Politics on October 26, 2009 at 09:18
Jim Davidson: "Political incorrectness gone mad"

Jim Davidson: "Political incorrectness gone mad"

British entertainer Jim Davidson has vowed to regain his crown as the most politically incorrect man in the country after the baton was passed to BNP leader Nick Griffin following his appearance on the BBC’s Question Time last week.

The award is presented every 6 months, and requires judges to enter the term ‘political incorrectness’ into internet search engine Google to see how many results it comes back with.

Judge Peter Asquith explains: “Usually Jim Davidson is the runaway winner, and there’s nobody who can touch him for the sheer volume of crass, insensitive comments made against minorities – whether they are Asian, black, disabled, gay…you name it.  This time, however, Nick Griffin weighed in with a significantly higher number of results – almost 3 million more than Jim.”

Asked if Griffin’s Question Time appearance was a significant factor in reversing the trend, Asquith was emphatic: “Absolutely. We can’t stress highly enough the importance of spreading the word of political incorrectness in front of a record-breaking national television audience. Plus, he mentioned Nazis and stuff. Marvellous.”

Jim Davidson, however, was in combative mood upon hearing the news: “I’ve been working for years and years offending as many minorities as possible in order to win this award and all of a sudden, just because this Griffin bloke turns up on the telly playing the race card, suddenly people think HE’S more offensive?  I bet he doesn’t even know how to do a slightly risque, adult-orientated panto.”

“It’s political incorrectness gone mad,” the former Big Break presenter continued. “How many times has he offended our troops abroad? Not many, I’ll bet. Has he even said a bad word against anyone disabled? Not that I’ve heard. I’m determined to get this prize back, even if it means I have to go into politics and set up the ‘Jim Davidson Party for Political Incorrectness’. That would show him.”

Nick Griffin was unavailable for comment at the prospect of receiving the award, although a spokesperson did confirm that he will be embarking on a number of stand-up tour dates in Blackpool and Margate in the coming months.


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