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Fans boycott premiere due to Jackson not looking ‘almost dead’ enough in film

In Entertainment, Music on October 28, 2009 at 09:23

Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans have boycotted the premiere showing of the This is It documentary in London last night because they felt that the film portrayed the star as not looking ‘almost dead’ enough in his final days.

The film, which was shown in London this morning at 4am in sync with 18 other countries depicts Jackson in the weeks before his death rehearsing for the ill-fated This is It run of shows in London, and has attracted widespread criticism from his most loyal fans.

This is It

How Michael Jackson fans would have wanted him depicted in the new documentary.

“I thought he would look closer to death than he did in the footage I’ve seen,” said 18 year-old Rachel Barnes from St. Albans, protesting outside the cinema. “I don’t care what the coroner’s report said, Michael was not healthy just before he died.  I mean, think about it. He must have been a bit poorly – otherwise he wouldn’t have died. It doesn’t make any sense otherwise.”

Joe Plumber, 22, from South Croydon agreed, choosing to point the finger of suspicion at the costumes Jackson wore in the film. “Look, I know it’s only rehearsal footage, but if they knew he was going to die, couldn’t they have done some work in post-production? I mean, would it really have hurt them to have had Jackson perform the entire thing in full Thriller costume including make-up through a bit of CGI? They could have had scabs falling off him and everything. It certainly would have added to the realism.”

Kenny Ortega, who directed the feature-length documentary has hit back at critics who have poured scorn on the project as a tastleless attempt to profit on an glamourise Jackson’s final days.  “Do these people really think that it’s healthy for a 50 year-old black man to look so pasty and drawn at his time of life?  And they say my film makes him out to be healthy?!?  If anything, I should get a chuffing Oscar for showing how close to the edge he was.”

Another school of thought, however, is that there is a more sinister and significant reason for Jackson’s healthy appearance in the film. Neville Swann, President of the British Society for the Perpetuation of Conspiracies explains:

“I’ve discussed this matter at great length with the moon landing faker’s and the Elvis Presley’s followers and we all agree that Michael Jackson isn’t dead at all – it’s a massive cover-up. Instead, we’ve worked out that he’s now living with Elvis on the set of the faked moon landings. We’re through the looking glass here, people.”


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