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Wayne Rooney and Colleen give birth to beautiful baby elephant

In Lifestyle, Sport on November 3, 2009 at 08:51

Wayne Rooney’s wife Colleen has given birth to a beautiful baby elephant, it was announced yesterday. Kai Wayne Rooney the elephant was born at 2.20pm at an elephant enclosure at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, according to a statement released by the couple last night.

A spokesman said: “Both mother and elephant are both absolutely fine – the baby elephant that is, not Wayne, although he’s fine as well.

Kai Wayne Rooney

Kai Wayne Rooney, showing early promise with a football, yesterday

“Wayne and Colleen are thrilled with the wonderful addition to their family life, and look forward to feeding Kai Wayne peanuts and donuts into his trunk and getting rides on his back around the garden for years to come.”

A visibly exhausted Colleen said: “This is the happiest day of my life. I’m just so glad that little Kai Wayne the elephant has got his father’s looks. Maybe one day we’ll day we’ll be able to train him to balance a football on his little tusks, just like his dad.”

Relatives on both sides of the family have visited the couple and new baby elephant in hospital. Wayne’s brother Graham and cousin Claire, as well as his parents were all seen leaving the hospital.

“We are very pleased, it’s a happy day,” confirmed Wayne’s father, also named Wayne. “I mean, obviously, we were disappointed that they didn’t name the elephant ‘Wayne’ outright to keep the family tradition up, but when you consider that the alternatives were calling it either ‘Nellie’ or ‘Jumbo’, then I suppose we’ve got to be happy.”

In October, Colleen said that she would snub private healthcare and have the baby at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Hospital sources said: “The Liverpool Women’s hospital has a first class reputation and is one of the leading elephant maternity hospitals, not just in the UK, but all of Europe. It also has a cool space invaders video game in the foyer, which we know was a big factor as far as Wayne was concerned.”

Kai Wayne will live with Wayne and Colleen until he is three years old, before being moved to a specially built enclosure at Whipsnade zoo, where he will be trained in a number of rudimentary ball skills, tactics and set plays, with a view to having a trial with Manchester United.

Although the happy couple are said to favour resisting publicising the news of the birth too much it is thought that they will look to sell exclusive pictures of the birth jointly to the January edition of both Hello! magazine and Zoo-Keeper’s Monthly for a princely sum.


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