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Cameron pledges free ice-cream for all Tory voters

In News, Politics on January 18, 2010 at 09:29

Conservative leader David Cameron has pledged free ice-cream for everyone that votes for him as his latest election promise aimed at gaining the trust of the British voting public.

Speaking in an editorial in this weekend’s Mail on Sunday, Cameron enthused: “Hey, listen guys – does anyone like ice-cream? I thought so. But do you know what’s even better than a Cornetto or Solero?

“It’s a FREE Cornetto or Solero,” as the Tory leader went on to explain, “that, and four years of Tory government, of course. So why not vote for me and you can have both! Probably.”

Vote Tory, and all this could be yours

Leading political commentators are divided as to how successful Mr. Cameron’s ‘Ice-cream for all’ policy will be. The BBC’s Andrew Marr, for instance, cites the last, desperate days of John Major’s 1997 General Election campaign as an example:

“Major turned up at random polling stations and started handing out cut-out-and-keep John Major face masks which could be exchanged at an off-licence for a free four pack of lager,” Marr recounts.

“It didn’t end well, as you can probably imagine.”

Others, however, think that Cameron’s bold move will be enough to win over Britain. Nick Robinson commented:

“David Cameron’s election stategy is clear: vote Tory, because we’re just like ice-cream. Sure, we’re a bit cold and we get a little runny if you leave us for too long, but you’d be mad not to love us.”

This is not the first time that David Cameron has attempted to incentivise the British public into voting for him.  Only last year, the Tory leader was accused of leading the public astray from the principles of democracy when he implied at the Conservative Party Conference that he would be keen on implementing a policy which would see all Tory voters entered into a lottery-style prize draw.

Potential prizes available at the draw would include a £13,000,000 jackpot cash prize, a holiday for two in Barbados, and a secret ‘mystery’ box.

“Personally, I would love to win the holiday with my Tory vote,” Mr. Cameron said at the time, “although you never know what’s in the box, do you?”

A Labour spokesperson has hit back at the Tory leader’s ice-cream pledge, labelling it “irresponsible,” and “ill thought-out.”

“This is irresponsible and ill thought-out,” read a statement this morning.  “Sure, ice-cream is delicious and refreshing, but it is also sticky and very sugary.  Won’t these people think about the growing obesity situation in this country?”

Asked for comment on the ice-cream row, the Prime Minister would not be drawn, adding only: “I prefer crisps.”

  1. Is this for real?

    Sounds rather illegal to me. Is it any different from offering £1 for each person who votes as a way of a bribe?

    Also, how do you know who voted?

    Would you give up a vote for another party to get a free ice cream?

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