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Everyone finally sick of Ricky Gervais

In Entertainment, World News on January 19, 2010 at 09:24

Oh, just p**s off

Everyone is finally completely and utterly sick of British comedian Ricky Gervais, it was reported yesterday.

The surprise findings, pulled together after Gervais hosted the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night concluded that although ‘Gervais used to be pretty funny’ albeit in ‘small doses’ his present level of over-exposure makes him seem virtually ‘omnipresent’.

American TV critic Bill Schwarz commented: “Sure, I’m one of those who really liked Ricky when he first broke onto the scene. His unique brand of straight-talking observational comedy intertwined with a cheeky sarcasm made him a breath of fresh air.

“But does he really have to appear on my TV every chuffing time I switch it on? If he’s not plugging a new DVD then he’s promoting his new film, or appearing in a specially-written episode of The Simpsons. Where is this all going to end?”

For many, the final insult came when Gervais was invited to be the first host of the Golden Globes since 1995.

“Oh, sure, they had to ask Gervais, didn’t they?” commented a bitter Sandra Bullock. “To be honest, I’d have preferred the creaky tannoy system they’ve had every other year here. It would have been considerably less grating.”

Mel Gibson, for his part, struggled to understand anything the British comic was saying.  “He kept mentioning someone called Karl Pilkington.  Who the f**k is Karl Pilkington?  I’ve never even heard of him.  Why the f**k is he telling us about him?”

Director James Cameron, whose film Avatar was the Globes’ big winner, had to be forced onto the stage to receive the Best Picture award.

“You know, I usually love awards ceremonies,” Cameron said, “and in any other circumstance I’d be stood here thanking all the people who have made this possible.

“But not tonight. This gurning idiot has ruined everyone’s night and made this award about as meaningful as a half-eaten, insect-infested kebab.  Thanks for nothing Gervais.”

Although Cameron’s speech received a standing ovation, Gervais further alienated himself to the crowd by attempting to perform the dance first seen in the BBC series The Office as the jeers descended upon him.

Asked how he thought his evening hosting at the Golden Globes had gone, Gervais said: “Well, you know, it’s always difficult to judge how these things go, isn’t it?  Having said that, I thought it went well.  Have you seen that I’ve got a new DVD out?”


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