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Interior designers gatecrash Facebook party, make house look nice

In News on February 23, 2010 at 08:18


Police are investigating after up to 50 youngsters who meticulously cleaned, decorated and performed minor structural improvements to a house during a party which had been advertised on Facebook.

Stephanie Jones, 17, had organised a gathering of friends at her home in Reading, Berkshire, on Friday while her parents attended a wedding.

But details of the event were placed on the social networking site and the house was overrun by gatecrashers with a penchant for interior design.

A Police spokesperson said: “We don’t have too many details, but it appears that as soon as the Facebook invite went out, somebody applied for planning permission to construct a new conservatory next to the kitchen.

“I don’t understand it. These things usually take months to complete, and yet they managed to pull it off in the space of a weekend.”

Stephanie’s father, Rick, 56, told the Liverpool Echo: “This was interior design for interior design’s sake. By all accounts, 50 youths came into our house armed with paint, wallpaper and not inconsiderable amounts of good taste before getting down to work.

“We need help to identify who did this. My brother Derek needs his place doing and has been begging me for their number.”

Neighbours first alerted police at 12.15am on Saturday night after complaining that the sound of loud power drills, hammers and saws were keeping them up.

“It would appear that a tasteful objects of art and some other priceless heirlooms have been gifted to the house in the latest in a speight of so-called ‘Interior Design Facebook Parties’.

“Once again, we would like to emphasise that interior design against the express wishes of the home owner is strictly forbidden – even if you have planning permission.”

A spokesperson for Facebook has urged users to act responsibly when using the social networking site: “We urge users to act responsible when using our social networking site,” he told reporters earlier.  “Sure, it’s all fun and smiles when, as in this case, the home owners were happy with the home make-over.

“But what happens when they end up with a giant moose head in front of their TV?  Or, worse still, garish flourescent yellow wallpaper?  It does happen.  Not everyone has such impeccable taste, and it’s important that everyone thinking of taking part in one of these ‘parties’ appreciates that.”


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