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Ejup Ganic ‘Not that kind of war criminal’ says Tony Pulis

In Sport, World News on March 1, 2010 at 23:03

Stoke City manager Tony Pulis has sprung to the defence of former Bosnian president Ejup Ganic, who was arrested at Heathrow for war crimes today, insisting that: “He’s just not that kind of war criminal.”

The football world was shocked by Pulis’s staunch defence of Ganic, who had been in the UK for several days having attended a number of events at Buckingham University.

Ganic is thought to be one of 19 Bosnians accused of involvement in an alleged hijack of Yugoslav army convoy withdrawing from Sarajevo in 1992, a month after the Bosnian war started, in which 42 soldiers were killed.

Pulis: ridiculous hat

However Pulis was insistent in his appraisal of the situation: “Nobody really knows what Ejup Ganic is like, except the Bosnian people,” he said. “What right do the Serbian authorities have to demand his extradition? None, that’s what.

“I mean, sure, the boy’s gone in hard, but there’s been absolutely no intent to brutally slaughter 42 soldiers,” Pulis continued. “I’ll tell you what’s more – Ejup Ganic doesn’t have a murderous bone in his body…he’s just misunderstood.  If you ask me, these Yugoslav army convoys get entirely too much protection from the authorities, when the real truth is that they just don’t like it up ’em.”

Football pundits have been left uncertain as to the exact reason behind Pulis’s outburst, although ITV’s Andy Townsend suggested one theory:

“This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Tony has been making excuses for any number of inexplicable things for months now. Take for instance his constant inclusion of Ricardo Fuller up front and insistence that he has ‘played well’.  Or, for that matter, the fact that makes no apology for being a balding, middle-aged man who wears a baseball cap?

“Surely none of these things can be defended? I thought I’d seen everything when I saw him defend Ryan Shawcross’s attempt to amputate Aaron Ramsey’s leg on Saturday…but now this?”

Bookmakers William Hill are already offering odds of 2-1 that Pulis will begin defending that most indefensible of things – Ashley Cole cheating on Cheryl – before the season’s end, while Ejup Ganic faces an automatic domestic three-war suspension for violent, murderous conduct.

  1. Well aren’t you hilarious? No? Oh right, no, you aren’t. Nothing like getting noticed by jumping on the bandwagon, eh? Pulis defended shawcross and he was right to do so. Take a look at what Mick Denis says in the express. It might change your opinion, but then it won’t change what you print will it?

  2. The orafice has spoken eh? How can you trivialise two events that in their own rights are serious? To write such unsensitive drivel is unlawful, they call it libel. It is an insult to Bosnian people, to the footballing public and all of humanity. To make fun of Ramsey’s injury and the plight of Bosnian people is offensive and you do not have the right, nor the intellegence to make any comment worth reading. Tony Pulis, as much as most of the footballing world agree that it was an accident. To label this as anything else is either slanderous or libelous. To make light of war crimes just goes to show how idiotic you are, and that you do not deserve the right to publish what your insensitive, corrupt, infantile mind decides to excrete.

  3. Idiot !!

  4. Notice you dont write under a real name TWAT

  5. Excellent piece, why is it these other idiots don’t
    realise that the essence of your postings is ironic, humorous commentary on current events. But then they are probably Stoke City supporters, and they are without hope anyway!

  6. This isn’t ironic or humorous. At best its libellous, and at worst it trivialises War Crimes to make a pathetic point about an accidental tackle at a football match. You need to make better use of your free periods young man (I’m assuming from the puerile nature of the article that you are still at school??).

  7. Humour is subjective and irony is often misunderstood. I’ve got a dark sense of humour so I chuckled at this. There’s a lot of stuff on the net that’s a lot more offensive than this, plus – as with all such sites – the site has a disclaimer saying everything in it is rubbish, so the libel claims are a bit daft.

  8. Pathetic.

  9. …If Chris Morris is at the top of the dark ironic satire comedy scale.. this falls just below Bobby Davro..

    You ain’t gonna get a job at The Onion writing “comedy gold” like this fella!

  10. There’s a chance I have a split personality …

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