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Robbie: ‘Cannabis to blame for all my crap music’

In Music on March 9, 2010 at 09:18

Caution: use of this substance could cause you to record severely sub-standard music

Robbie Williams has claimed that he loved smoking cannabis – but that he had to stop because the drug made him make too much crap music.

The former Take That singer said he suffered from what he called a “crap music wasting disorder” after smoking marijuana and went on mammoth recording sessions in which very few of any of the tracks laid down were even slightly good.

Williams, 36, who has fought a battle against drink, drugs and depression, said cannabis was a “lovely drug” but it did not “mix well with me…or my record sales, for that matter.”

Speaking to the Radio Times, the troubled star said: “Did you see me last year? Nope, nor did anyone else. It’s what happens when you try to crack America for the umpteenth time based only a back catalogue of five songs and the ability to thrust your genitals towards a crowd suggestively.

“Weed, it’s such a lovely drug.” Williams continued, “but it doesn’t mix well with me at all.  Just thinking about weed makes me want to go and record a trite and unnecessarily self-centred ballad about how wonderful I am.”

Williams, who won the Outstanding Contribution to Music award at the Brit Awards last month, said he became so depressed that he did not care if he died after going into rehab on his 33rd birthday for addiction to prescription drugs.

“In fairness, if you were one of the seven people that listened to my last album, then you probably wouldn’t have given a sh*t either.” he said.

The star’s comments about cannabis have been criticised by the drugs information service Frank.

Nurse Chris Hudson said cannabis could trigger mental health problems in some users.

“Cannabis messes with your mind – and reactions can be more powerful with stronger strains such as skunk, which is around twice as potent,” he said.

“In recounting his experiences with this drug, we feel that Robbie is glamourising it, which the way for thousands of fans to try to go out and record their own mediocre album.

“It’s just completely irresponsible. There’s enough crap in the charts as it is, without Williams sticking his oar in and enabling people to produce more of the same. This is like the X-Factor all over again.”


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